FAQ for TheHive 5’s upcoming distribution model

Frequent questions and answers about TheHive 5’s upcoming distribution model.

FAQ for TheHive 5’s upcoming distribution model

FAQ for TheHive 5's upcoming distribution model

Frequent questions and answers about TheHive 5’s upcoming distribution model.

Why are you doing this?

In a nutshell, we want to secure the future of TheHive through a resilient, scalable model, while providing a licensing plan that is fair to the incident response community.

Our ambition is to allow everyone to access best-of-breed products, no matter how small or big their organisation is. Our FREE Community licence will include the main incident response features.

Keeping up with the growing expectations around the products involves delivering more features, more frequently, all the while improving the quality assurance process. This requires a significant resource increase, both human and capital wise.

What about the community’s contributions?

While being open source, TheHive has exclusively been developed by the original core team and, since late 2018, by StrangeBee.TheHive 4 and thus TheHive 5 do not include any external code contribution.

We remain committed to support our user community and will keep welcoming its useful feedback, bug reports and feature requests.

Why an MSSP licence?

TheHive is included or referenced in over 50+ MSSP offers to address local markets. While we’ve been flattered to see such an incredible adoption, we’ve realised it has prevented our users from having the best possible support and has kept us from being able to grow sustainably. We have a fair and dedicated offer suited to the business model of MSSPs, as well as upcoming features which fit their specific needs.

What about my existing SaaS subscription?

Any existing subscription to TheHive Cloud Platform (SaaS) will be upgraded to TheHive 5 Gold Licence seamlessly completely free of charge.

What about TheHive 3 and TheHive 4?

TheHive 3 will be End Of Life (EOL) on December 31st of 2021. TheHive 4 will continue to be supported until December 31st of 2022. This support includes fixes for critical bugs as well as any security vulnerabilities that may arise.

What is the migration path from TheHive 4 to TheHive 5?

TheHive 5 is compatible with TheHive 4! It’s just a simple upgrade. No migration plan is needed.

Can I migrate from TheHive 3 to TheHive 5?

Yes, a migration plan, similar to the one from TheHive 3 to TheHive 4, will be provided in the very near future.

What about Cortex?

Our current plans do not include any change of license for Cortex.

What does freemium/private source mean?

Private source/freemium means that the code won’t be publicly available to everyone. We can, however, grant access for specific requirements, such as independent security reviews. A simple NDA will be required beforehand.

What about my existing custom integrations?

If your custom integrations use TheHive APIs, they will still work thanks to the backward compatible APIs. If they rely on TheHive WebHooks, you will need to upgrade to TheHive 5, at least, the Gold License.

What about API client libraries?

StrangeBee will maintain TheHive4py as a free, Open Source library and will provide an optimised version for TheHive 5.